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“Someone, someday will suddenly look at me, and very suddenly he’ll take my breath away…”

CINDERELLA is the story we all know and love… kind of. This version of the story draws on the traditions of British Pantomime, vaudeville and musical comedy. In England every year at Christmas, you can usually find a British production of a fairy tale that is produced for kids and adults. There is the fairy tale for the children – often played with lots of physical humor and sometimes accompanied by an orchestra – and there is the double entendre in the dialogue that only the adults will understand and appreciate.

(pictured right: Elizabeth Cernados in the title role of the 1999 Shakespeare Santa Cruz production of CINDERELLA. photo: )

Act One

What Kind Of Girl Is That?
Lament/True Heart
Just A Simple Little Castle In The Woods
Someone, Someday
My Book
We Are The Sheep Of Little Bo Peep
Someone, Someday (Reprise)
Baron’s Ditty
My Happy Ending

Act Two

It Feels Like An Opening Night
The Ball
There’s Always Another One In The Wings
It Feels Like The End Of The Run
Sheep/Bear Dance
True Heart (Reprise)
Put Your Best Foot Forward

“Cinderella” hits that sweet spot that’s so often missed in family shows. Intelligent and buoyant, lyrical and silly, it plays to real people instead of an age-targeted, holiday-market demographic. The show works for anyone willing to try on a familiar story dressed up with new characters and songs, groaner puns, a dancing bear, the odd bawdy aside and bits borrowed from somewhere else….Coffin’s winning music is a big key to the show’s success…”

“Coffin’s melodies manage not simply to set Hawley’s puns and tricky rhymes to music but also to put them into musical phrases that capture the emotional nuance between the lines. Coffin works his magic with sly references to Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cy Coleman.”

“When a production of ‘Cinderella’ is going to be onstage in Santa Cruz, it better be hip, contemporary and progressive. And that’s exactly what audiences will find when they see Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s staged retelling of the classic fairy tale. This is a tale for children, adults, diehard fairy tale traditionalists and those who want a little spice in ‘Cinderella.’”

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Book & Lyrics by Kate Hawley
Music by Gregg Coffin

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