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“Just look at you crawling forward…good boy.”

Jim Poulos and MJ McConnell

CONVENIENCE is a sung-through musical about family, the ties that bind and the ones we struggle to break. A single mom and her estranged twenty-six- year-old son have news for each other, but neither can find the words nor the courage. Liz can’t tell her son, Vince, that she’s remarrying and moving away; Vince is afraid of how Liz will react when he tells her about his boyfriend. During one funny, awkward, touching week, they come to realize what so many families discover: The things they feared would tear them apart end up bringing them closer together. A mother and son learn from their broken past and the promise of a different future that they can walk through a doorway without slamming it shut forever.

(pictured right: Jim Poulos as Vince and Mary Jo McConnell as Liz in the 2002 Geva Theatre Center production. photo: huthphotography.com )

Jim Poulos and MJ McConnell

Act One

Tell Her/Tell Him     
Standing Still     
On The Bus     
Waiting Up     
Waking Vince     
I Love How We Start Off Our Day     
On The Phone 1     
The Revolving Door     
Pink Catawba Wine     
Here I Stand     
Little Spaceman     
The Traitor King     

Act Two

Door #3     
The Offer Stands     
On The Phone 3     
Phone Tag     
Vince Sees     
Crawling Forward     
Following Breadcrumbs Back     
Liz Sees     
The Ogre and The Wife     
In The Morning     
Love Has This Power     
Moving Day     
Reprise: Little Spaceman     
TALKIN’ BROADWAY “The score is quick, complex, and extremely catchy…melodic, highly theatrical, and praiseworthy. Coffin’s book effectively mixes humor and tension, and is witty and sincere.”
THE CITY, ROCHESTER, NY “An enormously satisfying new work…Like the rest of the cheering, laughing, crying audience, I was too involved in this affecting, life-affirming experience…lyrics are memorably meaningful…People are going to want to own a recording of this music.”
IMPACT WEEKLY, DAYTON, OH “There is no denying that sheer musical magic had occurred when CONVENIENCE premiered…held such an emotional stronghold that you were instantly taken in at the start. “Little Spaceman” in particular was a musical moment that those in attendance will never forget…It was quite clear from the lengthy and deserved standing ovation CONVENIENCE received on opening night that we haven’t heard the last of this powerfully moving and uplifting musical.”
WHAM/WHTK “Theatre entertains, that much is given. But great theatre teaches as it entertains. CONVENIENCE is great theatre.”
94.1 THE ZONE “A story which everyone can relate to, you’ll see yourself on stage. A terrific blend of comedy and raw emotion.”
DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE “Geva’s CONVENIENCE hits a solid note.”
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