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“The days are long and lonely, it’s a troubled life, when you sign up in the service as a G.I.Wife!”

THE DALY NEWS is a story about love and distance between fathers and sons. The source material for Jonathan Gillard Daly’s uniquely personal story is his own grandfather Martin’s World War II newsletter, The Daly News, written from 1943 to 1946 and distributed to Martin’s children, who were scattered over the globe in the service of their country. The journal entries and personal letters—all preserved faithfully by Martin’s children—reveal a universality of perspective on the events which formed the World War II years. The score includes songs ranging from boogie-woogie to vaudville-style patter and contemporary ballads.

(pictured right: Jack Forbes Wilson, Jonathan Gillard Daly, Jeff Schaetzke in the Great River Shakespeare Festival production. photo: Alec Wild)

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Act One

This Is My Timepiece
The Daly News
In The Distance
On This Rock
In Panama
Oh My Brothers
Bring All Of My Boys Back Home Again
G.I. Wife
In Panama (Reprise)
Sunday Is The Day That Breaks My Heart

Act Two

Sunday Is The Day That Breaks My Heart (Reprise)
In The Distance (Reprise)
Berz, Bollerjack & Daly
If The War Has Got You Down Then Rise Above It
Oh My Brothers (Reprise)
The Good War
Bomb Montage
When I Come Home To You
My Kids Are Home
In The Distance (Finale)
Bows (The Daly News)

“Full of humor and angst, of generations and of the way that the war both divided and separated us…the music is absolutely brilliant, from the most tender a capella ballads to boisterous, stomp-your-feet and dance-in-your-chair salutes…an intimate look into those moments that often weren’t discussed after the soldiers came home: the fear, the bravery, the hope and comedy and sadness of a family trying its hardest to stay connected.”

“A must-see…heart-warming and charming in bringing home the story of the sacrifices, the love and the closeness and importance of family during the war…a well-written musical with lush lyrics by Daly and marvelous music by Gregg Coffin and Larry Delinger…It could be your family or mine…It is a timepiece….The script is crisp and cleverly written, and the music and lyrics fit perfectly…You will kick yourself if you miss this gem of a musical.”

“A wonderful musical…avoids most of the cliches of war-era portrayals and instead focuses on the personal pain of sending children off to war….Daly pulls back the curtain on the home life of a family sick with anxiety, struggling with hardships…poignant but never maudlin….a clear-eyed look at the determination of one family to come through the war intact.”

“It’s about connecting…a sweet sense that the family members are simply enjoying their own company, while letting us peek through the key hole…original musical numbers were sold with sincerity, great energy and served the story well…the four-part harmonies are lovely. I could have listened to them all night…solid and moving production.”

“A nostalgic musical about one family’s struggle to stay connected during World War II. t into a musical…colorful vignettes of wartime misadventures…a memory play that delves into father-son relationships and the unspoken complexities of paternal love…The original music is spot-on ’40s-sounding with vintage piano…warm-hearted…good songs (“Alamogordo” could be in a big Broadway musical).”

“A warm hug…heartwarming, family-friendly nostalgia with charming music…a score with a ’40s sound and some lovely harmony.”

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Book and Lyrics by Jonathan Gillard Daly
Music by Gregg Coffin & Larry Delinger

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Also, THE DALY NEWS is now a 3-man play (rather than the “5 men, 4 women” casting breakdown you will see up on the DP site. Mr. Daly has re-imagined the piece to be more accessible for producing entities). Please inquire when you contact Dramatic Publishing.

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