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GDC 2013 Composer Demo

70's BATTLE     

A percussive moment at the top transitions into a funky battle underscore complete with flutter flute and ‘70’s wah-wah guitar licks.  Think of the Angels – Kelly, Kris and Sabrina tackling a roomful of thugs.  Charlie would be so proud!


A children’s version of “spooky music” blending flexitone, banjo, xylophone, bass clarinet and staccato strings in a VEGETABLES vs. WALKING DEAD kinda tribute track.


The same theme you heard in the previous track, but this time played on a 60’s MUNSTER guitar with syncopated pizzicatos, glockenspiel and tribal drums to give it a little sass and swing.


My take on a GOD OF WAR battle cue.  This time it’s electronic and full of lots of combative shouting, hands clapping, metal scraping, and kotos pounding.


Rock kit with a busy kick pedal, mosh guitar, fretless bass and a low string section.  Think cinematic underscore at the beginning of a REAL RACING or MUD MOTOCROSS title.


Trumpets, french horns and low brass volley a theme around while a percussion section of bass drums, shakers, and cymbals does the same.


Think PRINCE OF PERSIA meets A.R. Rahman as the musical ideas here fade back and forth between strolling through a bazaar in New Dehli and being chased through it.


A layer of dobro, fiddles and shakers, builds to a layer of female vocals and hand drums, building to a layer of hand claps and rhythmic strings, finishing with a layer of guitar power chords and clanking metal…and then layer by layer, reducing back down.